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Block Management

If you are a Flat/Apartment owner you may consider that you are paying too much for your Service charges or you may never have considered it at all. We are specialist in Blocks large and small. One of the advantages we have is that we can deal very effectively with small blocks, in fact that's our niche!


The majority of blocks of flats/apartments are still using the management company set up by the lease holder when the building want first built.

Did you know you could be paying well over the value and potentially save money by switching your management company and save a lot?


It has been known to reduce Service charges by up to 2/3 by switching. That doesn't mean compromising on any services, It has long been considered that there was little competition because it needs the majority of owners to want to change. People are busy, it's too much hassle etc. Whatever the reason, it is easier to continue the way things are - paying too much...and you don't want that.

If you are questioning how much you pay and whether you are getting value for money it may be time to change.

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