Block Management Details
Basingstoke Letting Agent

tel: 01256 353 722

Details of the provision of services in accordance with the terms of the lease for the property and statutory requirements including; the Common hold and Leasehold Reform Act 2002 and Companies Act 2006.

1. Service Charges and Ground Rent demands:

• Issue of Ground Rent demands.

• Issue of Service Charges demands.

• Issue of Administration Charges.

2. Collection of debts

• Collection of monies due from leaseholders including reminders and final notices.

• Issue of County Court summons if required.

• Letters to mortgage companies.

• Issue of Charging Orders.

3. Accounting Records

• Maintenance of accounting records - making these available to leaseholders and independent auditors as required.

• Maintenance of Service charge payment records.

• Preparation of agreed annual budgets and forward forecasts including sinking funds and reserve accounts.

• Maintenance of dedicated client bank account.

• Payment of contractor's invoices and other expenditure.

4. Insurance

• Arrangement of buildings insurance.

• Arrangement of directors and officers insurance.

• Dealing with insurance claims.

5. Site maintenance

• Preparation and annual review of forward maintenance programme

• Regular site inspections.

• Organization of contract cleaning and gardening.

• Organization of minor or reactive maintenance and repair of structure and common parts including grounds.

• Maintenance and review of Contractors’ insurance cover.

• Specification, tendering, running and supervision of larger maintenance and repair contracts where S 20 Notices are required.

6. Correspondence & Meetings

• Maintenance of leaseholder contact details and correspondence

• Calling, chairing (if required) and preparation of minutes of Annual General Meeting.

• Attendance at up to two directors meetings per year.

• Telephone calls and emails to and from leaseholders, contractors etc.

• Issue of notices in respect of breaches of lease.

7. Company Secretarial

• Filling the role of Company Secretary

• Company Secretary services as appropriate (maintaining records and statutory registers of members or shareholders, and directors, calling meetings and preparing notices and minutes

• Issuing member and or shareholder certificates, completing and submitting Annual Return to Companies House etc.

8. Website

• Set-up and maintenance of a dedicated website for the development to include; copies of insurance documents, annual accounts, expenditure year to date, expenditure forecasts, correspondence, notices and other useful information.



4 Wote Street, Basingstoke, Hampshire, RG21 7NW

01256 353 722