Peace of mind for landlords

What if your tenant stops paying rent?

The MONEY Charity 2015 statistics show that:

• The proportion of households who rent privately, is the highest since the 1960s at 19%

• 206 People a day are declared insolvent or bankrupt this is equivalent to one person every 7 minutes

• The Citizens Advice Bureau dealt with 6,323 new debt problems every working day during the year ending March 2015

• 48 properties are repossessed every day

• Over 1000 people are made redundant every day in the UK

• 469 Landlord possession claims and 349 possession orders are made every day

These things could happen to your tenant at any time. A change of circumstance can happen unexpectedly to even the most reliable tenant. This could result in them not being able to afford to pay rent.

This could result in…

• You being unable to keep up with mortgage or loan payments

• Legal fees to gain possession of your property

• Huge costs for tenants malicious damage

With Rent Guarantee.

• The rent is guaranteed even if your tenant defaults

• We will pay 50% of the rent following eviction for up to 3 months whilst actively re-letting.

• Legal cover for property damage for claims over £1000.00

• Policy is per tenancy agreement

• Covered up to vacant possession

rent guarantee